IRS Bank Levy? How to Prevent a Bank Levy

You have been found! And so the IRS has eventually swept up with you and your back taxes. They’ve applied a bank levy on your account and now you cannot get your cash. Now what do you really do? You’ve got invoices that need to be paid and everyday living expenses which have to be satisfied. Read ahead of time and discover what things to do if this occurs to you:

Bank Levy 101!

A Bank levy form the IRS payment plan ect is a typical event. Basically, the IRS freezes your banking account, preventing you from access any of your cash. Your bank is expected by law to comply with the levy and hold all resources that happen to be deposited into your banking accounts. This implies that you checking and savings accounts are changed and you won’t find a way to get any funds. Take a look at for more information.

Act Now!

You’ve got just 21 days to get help for your IRS tax problems. In case you are not able to get the help which you need in this 21 day period, the bank is expected to send your hard earned money and any related interest fees to the IRS. They’ll continue to take money from you until the debt is paid. They’ll also liquidate your property/assets in the event the debt just isn’t paid with the bank account funds. If not taken care of immediately, your credit is likely to be destroyed and you’ll no more have any assets.

Get it Stopped!

irs bank levySo since I Have told you a bit in what a bank levy is, how will you quit it? Well take these tips from a former IRS-Hitman; I understand precisely how to strike them back with full force. First, it is important to be certain that you just cope with it immediately.

You just have 21 days ahead of the IRS takes every one of the cash in your account. Second, contact the Citizens Promoter locally and demonstrate economical adversity.

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